Crypto Winter is over. Crypto Spring has sprung. Easter / ETHter is approaching (it's that time of year!) I will be honest, I (Adam) came up with the name and knew I wanted to do it. Ether Eggs. Ether Bunnies. It's a crypto-treasure-hunt! It seemed kind of fun.

What it does

EtherEgg is an ERC721 Contract that lets anyone lay eggs (the Bunnies!). Hunters are on the lookout for secret keys which let them Claim the Eggs for themselves.

How we built it

We worked together on the ERC721 Contract in Solidity, then Valerio deployed to Kovan. We tested the contract functionality using DappHero. Then Valerio built the main app in React, which lets bunnies lay eggs, and lets hunters claim them (if they have the right key!) Adam built a proof-of-concept digital / physical EggHunt app using Carrd, DappHero, EasyRedir & What3Words - all redirecting to the main EthterEgg App.

Challenges we ran into

It took us a while to get the scope right - it was really tempting to try and add lots of exciting functionality which we would never have finished! We encountered a bug with a pure function which stumped us for a while.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was cool to get a full proof-of-concept out there, from ERC721 to a couple of Apps.

What we learned

A lot about NFTs, and it was cool to use DappHero to get up and running super quickly. Learned a bit about geolocation along the way. And enjoyed exploring a fun blockchain application (as well as finance etc.)

What's next for EtherEgg

We could get a lot fancier in terms of:

  • Letting people hide multiple bunnies in the same place
  • Surfacing a lot more information about the eggs and where they are
  • Leaderboards!
  • Introducing more ways for Bunnies to hide Eggs
  • Cleaning clues

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