To create a fun online representation of a Jukebox via a DApp

Continuously plays songs (youtube videos), that other people have paid to be played on the DApp. Anyone can pay to add their own song/video added to the queue. Everyone on the DApp listens to the same song around the world, the playlist curated collectively by random people around the world!

How we built it

Using truffle, ganache for the boilerplate and easy initial setup; Solidity for Smart contract; React and Web3 for the front end. Built YT Search functionality on the page for users to be able to search and select the song without leaving the DApp

Challenges we ran into

While trying to use Connext for off-chain micro-payments - setting up and integrating it consumed a lot of time, but we still could not hook it up end to end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our super-slick and intuitive front-end build using React, with our custom Youtube Search and Playlist Queue! And synchronously playing the same song at the same exact time for everyone using the DApp Live on Rospten!!!

What we learned

Limitations of getting current time info on Blockchain and the tradeoffs for synchronizing across clients

What's next for Ether Jukebox

Multiple governance models, upvotes, downvotes, and hopefully payment channels!

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