CoWei enables citizens to create decentralized co-ops for creation and consumption of their own products (e.g. food such as vegetables and meat, consumer packaged goods such as laundry detergent, enterprise services such as shared hosting). A decentralized co-op with easy interface for non-techies can enable:

  • full transparency on the history and activities of the co-op
  • easy user obarding and departure to the co-op (via buying and selling of the co-op tokens)
  • high influence by the users on running the day-to-day matters and voting on anything This can reduce cost of supply chain management by 50% by eliminating the cost of marketing, profitability, and distribution.

Install instruction

Global Dependancies

  • Node js (8.1.3) developed version
  • npm 5.5.1
  • metamask chrome/brave extension (for now)

Clone this repository into a local folder

cd EthDenver
npm install

Wait for all packages to install, there may be some warnings and notifications during this install they can be ignored for now.

Build the solidity contract

npm run build

Deploy the solidity contract

This will deploy a copy of the contract to metamask via the deploy script in the /ethereum directory

npm run deploy

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