Inspiration- The amount of talent, time and resources going towards code and concepts this weekend that will go used after today. Repurposing this code and concepts into a self running gamified entity was possible. but have unlimited potential to contribute to society. We think ETHChallenge can be a self running entity and game to repurpose such code and concept using a network, the CONTRIB model and a transparent alignment of purpose.

What it does- Offers hackers and members of the community a place to Contribute there concept and code to a network and smart contract to continue the project further after hackathons while donating 2% of such cap table to the ETHereum foundation.

How I built it- I used the API from iChallenge to build the game and webpage, set up social media using SocialSuite api, created a transaparent ownership structure of 1,000,000 eshares and published the smart contract using the VNOC system and currently integrating the github repo for code submissions.

Challenges I ran into- Trying to come up with the game that can be self running entity with little human effort. As a member of DANSE- Distributed Autonomous Network of Smart Entities, we have to build the structure of the game to be self sustaining while presenting alignment with the owners of the used code for repurposing and transparency.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- We got a version 1 up but didnt get a chance to finish the github repo so peole can repurpose code and concept onto the vnoc platform.

What I learned- Prepare to ride the wave, when your on it, enjoy it and the ideas will come out in due course, So dont push things when your on the wave but get on it.

What's next for ETHChallenge

Built With

  • contrib
  • eshares
  • ichallenge
  • vnoc
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