This is inspired by Simon's project: This Artwork is Always on Sale

What it does

Wild Cards is all about raising funds for some of the worlds most endangered species. The African black rhino serves as a great place to start. Each African black rhino is an NFT that is always on sale via Harberger Taxed property rights system.

This ensures a continued divided stream going toward the African black rhino conservation fund.

In future, we plan to add other critically endangered species to help raise further funding for these animals.

How we built it

We forked Simon's package, adjusted the smart contract to our need, and added a frontend. We used a truffle react box along with ganache for development & testing.

Challenges we ran into

Acquiring ENS names to use on the test network. Trying to understand in detail the code for the project that inspired us and pick out the parts that we wanted to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Good-looking & functional frontend app. Fully functioning end to end application.

What we learned

Planning is important; we spent a lot of time deciding on which project to go with, which ended up putting pressure on the delivery of a working project. The skill level and knowledge of the Ethereum ecosystem varies widely amongst our team members, so some of us learnt a whole lot on the basics of building Ethereum projects as well as blockchain fundamentals.


Link to loom video. ENS domain: wildcards.deserves.eth (proof)


Honu CryptoKittie that was auctioned off to raise money for ocean conservation. Panda Earth DApp.

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