ETHCapeTown Charity Transparency

Problem: charitable organisations are not transparent about money, sometimes due to administrative difficulties and sometimes due to fraud. This application aims to make tracking funds in a charitable oranisation easy and transparent.

Solution: Companies can use our interface to register their organisations. In their dashboard, they can create new projects which have an associated Ethereum address. Donors can send DAI to this address. Donors can then track the transmission of funds when the organisation makes a purchase or pays staff salaries by looking in the interface. Organisations will need to provide service provider addresses that can then be verified externally on the service provider's website or via an Identity service like uPort. Furthermore, anyone is incentivised to make a claim that the company is fraudulent, while those that are involved are incentivised to claim that the company is honest. By staking DAI in our smart contract, these "validators" can then challenge the charity and if proven correct using external sources (Oracles) then they will receive some of the tokens staked from the other validators who said the organisation was honest. Those that say it is honest are rewarded with interest from the smart contract, which holds the organisation's funds.


Donation App

  • Lists a number of NGOs that are applying for funding.
  • Donate form for users to send funds.
  • Integrates with DAI.

NGO Dashboard

  • Submit your NGO Ethereum address.
  • Choose from a variety of smart contracts
  • Add service provider addresses to account with verification
  • Have a list of projects that they're working on.


  • Reward validators for proving falseness in NGOs
  • Validators can stake money on NGOs indicating their confidence (trust) in them.
  • Validators have a reputation and good behaviour leads to more rewards.
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