ETH_THE_HEIR - This blockchain will be allowing the beneficiaries to get the portion of coins from the owner when no longer in the living world

Youtube video Protocol: ETH_THE_HEIR

Aim: Is to develop a crypto insurance that will help the loved ones who lost the Ethereum owner. This will make no more coin die with the owner now it will heir to the beneficiary. But the trigger will be the period when the owner is not doing any activity to the blockchain. 5 years of no activity the automatically the coins will split to the beneficiary according to the percentage of owner given them.

              User Profile: 

Role: Interact with blockchain Use Case: Set the contract flow (who & percentage) Case Description: “As a blockchain owner I want to set my beneficiaries and the percentage of each must get”

Tools: -Zeppkit -One Click -Truffle -Gasashe -Remix -HTML -JavaScript

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