I run a DAO "Derek's Angels" and want to let token holders into a gallery.

What it does

1) Centralized crypto login - sign nonce with your wallet, confirm ownership serverside 2) Apple Wallet PKPass issuance 3) NFC reader that autoselects the Apple Wallet pass when the phone is held against the device

How we built it

1) Walletconnect / Web3 Modal 2) React Dapp 3) Arweave for hosting 4) Web3js 5) Node lambda 6) @walletconnect/passjs for Apple Pass 7) Tally for DAO management

Challenges we ran into

1) Signing UX cumbersome 2) PKPass lifecycle management hard

Accomplishments that we're proud of

App works! :)

What we learned

1) DAO management with Tally 2) PKPass library

What's next for ETH Meatspace Connector

  • Deploy at Art Basel in Miami
  • Maybe connect with $FWB folks
  • Maybe connect for decentral conference in Miami
  • Roll out in Blackdove Gallery in Miami

Built With

  • arweave
  • lambda
  • pkpass
  • web3
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