Decentralised Asset Management Platform for Ethereum

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A smart contract written in Solidity that interfaces with users, decentralised exchanges and asset managers.


Current 'modern' investment products for the average consumer have several faults:

  • Long transaction times, it can take several days for funds to appear in your account once you enter a sell order in a fund.
  • Fees, over time the impact of management fees take their toll.
  • Not much knowledge into the reasoning behind investment allocation

What it does

This platform connects asset owners, asset managers and decentralised exchanges.

  • Gives owners full control over their assets, can assign 'managers'.
  • Managers are able to trade funds on decentralised exchanges
  • The administrator of the DAMP is able to list any ERC20 token/exchange they like and take fees for their efforts
  • Creates a hope of a new breed of asset investment strategies where almost no additional administration fees are being charged

Challenges I ran into

  • Minimising gas consumption in the contract (still haven't managed to fully clear this hurdle yet)
  • Integrating with the web 3.0 framework (found a lot of discrepancies between documentation, many different versions not supporting certain features across the toolchain)

What I Learnt

  • How to use Solidity
  • How ERC20 tokens work
  • How gas consumption is calculated
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