Etch is the world’s first gesture based communication tool optimized for wearable devices and other small interaction surfaces. Etch allows users to define their own unique gestures on a simple 9 grid and assign them to phrases, commands, and pretty much anything else that connects to the internet. Each etch can be extremely powerful as it can be used to do a variety of things from sending quick, context-based text messages to pinging APIs to surface contextual data. Born completely mobile, Etch's gesture UI replaces the clutter of buttons adopted from desktop interfaces. The Etch keyboard replacement serves as a great platform for other apps to pack powerful features while keeping user flow simple and elegant.

As the wearable market expands, users need a breakthrough in UI that will allow them to quickly and seamlessly interact with their wearable devices on small interaction surfaces. Etch aspires to be the first viable keyboard replacement on Android and Apple watches. While there have been efforts to pack the traditional 33 button keyboard on a round 1.5 inch screen, after short use, it's clear that porting the old design patterns adopted from desktops can no longer be the optimal solution.

Our goal is to make it easy and quick for users to be able to communicate and control the digital world around them using intuitive interactions on mobile and wearable devices.

Currently Etch exists in two forms: iOS8 Keyboard and Android Wear. We hope to bring this remarkable communication technology to iWatch when it is released this year.

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