Limited roof space restricts the maximum energy that can be extracted with photovoltaic (PV) panels. Commercial buildings (eg. skyscrapers, offices, apartment blocks) and other larger scale installations can improve power yield by improving panel efficiency through cooling. By keeping panels closer to their nominal temperature, stakeholders can expect a greater return on clean energy.

What it does

ETA+ Solar offers stakeholders higher returns on their investment in PV by improving efficiency and yielding higher energy density. PV panels may be manufactured with cooling lines on the underside of the panel laminate, and fluid couplings for inlet and discharge. After the panels are installed, flexible cooling lines couple between panels and form a circuit with a small rooftop condenser and circulation pump. The assembly should be compatible with static or tracking panels.

Who wants it and why?

The waste heat collected by a 100kW solar field is approximately 42kW thermal (DNI = 1000W/m2). This heat not only makes the panels less efficient but could also be put to much better use. Uses for low grade waste heat include: HVAC augmentation - using waste heat to warm spaces, offices, hotels. Climate control for indoor crops Preheating industrial processes

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