Our inspiration for this application was a combination of the DDOT Bus App, RideSmartBus app and Chicago's Transit Stop app.

What it does

ETA Detroit is the first all-in-one Detroit Transit System application. There is no longer a need to download multiple transit apps taking up valuable real estate on your mobile device to navigate around Detroit. Find routes and stops for Ddot, Smart and RefleX all in one simple application. Plan your trip to get real time step-by-step travel instructions so you always know the quickest way to your destination.

This app includes

Routes Get Ddot, Smart and RefleX information for any stop and route. View the stops in a list view as well as a map view to make navigation even easier.

Trip Planner How should I get there? Use the trip-planner to find the best way to get to your destination. You can get walking directions to the nearest stop, total trip time and distance. Schedule data on the trip planner consists of scheduled data, and is not real-time information.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was trying to create one single user experience using data provided by three different sources. We had to come up with a way to sort and display all the data in a seamless way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud that we are fixing an issue that people in Detroit face everyday. Detroit is not a city someone can navigate easily and this app helps correct the issue. We are proud of the UX and design of this application. We created an easy to use; easy to navigate application that anyone can use. This design will also allow us to add additional functionality and options moving forward.

What I learned

What we learned was that there are a lot of simple issues in this city that can be made better with some thought, discussion and initiative. A lot of the issues surrounding Detroit can be prevented and simplified by local companies and citizens coming together with initiatives such as this. Detroit has a lot to offer and this contest proves that we are not only Motorcity but we are becoming a tech hub.

What's next for ETA Detroit

Future version will include the addition of bus stop estimated time of arrivals as well as the addition of stops for the People Mover and all new QLine.

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