We are four Mexican CS students who are getting access to private higher education thanks to an incredible scholarship. But the reality of more than half of all the young adults in our country is quite different. Some by decision, but most due to socio -economical inequities, have never registered for higher studies or have had to quit. The gap is still enormous! What is the difference between us and them? Exactly. Just a lucky good opportunity, in the right moment. But wait, we, as technologists, have many tools in hand. What if we try to connect sponsors and people eager to learn and work? What if we construct a platform where everyone have the right tools to manage those opportunities by themselves in a country (and world) where education needs to be democratized more than ever before?

What it does

es tu o is the short expression for the sentence es tu oportunidad , that in Spanish means this is your opportunity . Our web app collects data, divided into three main categories: scholarships, university calls and prep courses for potential new students. Data is then prepared to be shown to our targets by using some cards. Our targets interact with our app by registering and signing up, to have access to a dashboard which helps them to keep an eye on their times and starred cards. As we have two main targets (high school and university students), we included some extra conditions to offer each one a different experience when using the app that fits best their needs.

How we built it

The client-side of our app was built, organized and stylized using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The server-side was made using PHP. The database that powers it was designed and implemented in MySQL. The little exception to this lies on the authentication for each user, which is powered by the Firebase and Google APIs.

Challenges we ran into

As beginners in the world of hackathons and CS, we faced a lot of problems related to the lack of knowledge or practice on using some tools. For example, the use of frameworks to power webapps and stylize them. Additionally, we took a long time in doing research about the way in which we may connect a database designed and implemented in MySQL and the one provided by Firebase Auth. Lastly, we were extremely worried about the deployment of our work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel extremely happy with the work done in just 36 hours. Keeping stuck with each other even when we felt tired or hungry. Keeping also the animosity level up, as we firmly believe in the usefulness and great potential our project has, the benefits for others. We learned how to use a big amount of unknown tools, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs management, Adobe XD and Git in quite a few time to turn our idea into a reality in a short but extraordinary sprint!

What we learned

Every good product is based in a great deal of effort. We learned that even though 36 hours is definitely not the sufficient time to make perfect things, it is perfect to get to know your team, to come with more solutions than expected, and learn collaboratively. But the greatest acquisition is, maybe, that each one of us had an incredible amount of talent and capability to add to the team and our baby project!

What's next for estuo

Since the moment we came up with this idea, we had it clear: we were really into this project. Not just for an amazing hackathon. We hope to learn a lot more in the future to continue improving this platform, adding it some additional ideas that we had but couldn't implement, such as web crawlers that can help us quite a lot in adding info to the data bases.

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