SWVL and Careem

What it does

It will provide easy access to transport to day traveling people on long routes.

How I built it

Currently It's an idea, which needs to start. It will be an app on client side (Drivers,Owners,Customers/passengers) and a web portal on server side for admin users and owners.

Challenges I ran into

Finance, Developers Marketing Experts and idea improvement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have taken my first step and i am sure i will be able to take last step as well.

What I learned

A Team of committed people can do anything that one cannot achieve alone.

What's next for estop

It's an hybrid idea of careem and SWVL and will be known as electronic Bus Stop or in local language (بس اڈہ) specially for the people who travel daily basis from surroundings of big cities like Islamabad,Rawalpindi Lahore etc for their jobs and study. It will be a win win situation for both users and vehicle owners.

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