The stock market is a complicated economic system. Individuals study their entire life to try to master the stock market and still fail sometimes. Understanding how the stock market works and what different cultural events might have an effect on the stocks. This educational app allows you to practice with real-time data and see how you would fair given a certain amount of funds and then analyzes your buying patterns to tell you what you should fix in future buying and selling of stocks.

What it does

It uses current data and provides the user with a way to buy and sell stocks given a certain amount of money and analyzes how much money they are making each day and what they should fix in the future.

How I built it

I used Java SWT to build this application.

What's next for Estock

Next goals for Estock is to expand upon the current set of data and incorporate years of data on which players can practice their stock buying skills on.

Built With

  • java-swt
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