We were inspired by outsized usage of Estimote beacons. We thought of a mobile phone game which could use beacon technologies like accelerometer or thermometer.

What it does

Estimons use beacon features (accelerometer, thermometer) connected with a mobile application. You can be an owner of a Estimon, which you can take care of. You can feed it, keep it warm by rubbing the beacon which is a personification of Estimon on your mobile phone. There is a possibility of fighting enemies by searching other beacons near your device. The fight is proceeded by using beacons accelerometer in a game based on players reflex. There is table of highscores what makes a fun gamification between players.There is also a possibility run from a fight, but you need to feed your pet instead. Your Estimon has different emotions according to your interactions with it. Even if you turn off your application your pet reminds you when it longs you by a small notification on your device's screen.

How we built it

We built it using android studio with an Estimote SDK. We created original images by Adobe Photoshop. Our work was possible because of a good team comunication, lots of energy drinks and lack of sleep.

Challenges we ran into

There was a problem to establish a stable connection with an application, because of a huge amount of oher beacons nearby, what was a problem in accelerometer feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of setting the mood of a pet according to its temperature and state. We also made accelerometer return the data necesssary for an arcade game.

What we,ve learned

First operating with Estimote SDK, cooperating in the team and fitting in time.

What's next for Estimons

We want to improve mini-games engine, introduce more playable characters.

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