Time management is a struggle. It's easy to make a schedule, it's difficult to actually follow through with it.

What it does

You can select an avatar (Human or Plant) to take care of by completing scheduled tasks, assignments, and reminders -- like a Tamagotchi but with time management.

How we built it

Use of Figma for frontend mock-up. Use of Java to implement an object-oriented model of a calendar and Tamagotchi representation.

Challenges we ran into

Planning relationships between class objects and scanning command line arguments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The text output is well-formatted and implements a majority of intended functionality.

What we learned

Take care of your little plant friend and it'll take care of you : )

What's next for EstimatedTimeOfArrival

Frontend integration and interface with Canvas or some other assignment tracker portal.

Slack Handles

[Hacker] Eddie Fu and [Hacker] Tara Tam

Built With

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