Everyone should have a set of estate planning documents to protect themselves and to make sure that their heirs and intended beneficiaries are protected. Only 50% of Americans have a Will. A higher percentage of Veterans don't have a Will.

What it does: We are creating an interactive estate planning checkup to assist veterans in determining what estate planning documents they should have. This checklist then can be distributed to will preparation web sites, law firm websites, and other organizations that can provide wills and other estate planning documents to veterans for free or at low cost or through lawyers who can provide pro bono services to Veterans.

How we built it: Application is built in Javascript and published to a Word Press website that offers information on estate planning for veterans and a free will and estate planning document generator that is state specific and covers all states.

Challenges we ran into: Identifying lawyers who are willing to provide low cost or free services to Veterans.

Accomplishments that we are proud of: Pulling together a team to create a useful application in a very short period of time.

What we learned: Everything takes longer than you think. Two days is a very short period of time to create a professional application that is useful

What's next for Estate Planning Interactive CheckUp for Veterans - syndicate/market application to organizations that offer services to Veteran.s

Built With

  • document-automation-platform
  • javascript
  • wordpress-web-site
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