Getting on the public transit system is an everyday affair that students, seniors, and workers all depend on across major cities in the world. One of the major flaws in public transit system is the transfer system. The transfer system enforces people to use paper receipts when getting off and on different buses and trains en route to their final destination. This is both a huge inconvenience to travellers and wastes massive amounts of paper which can pollutes the environment. This is where we come in. Welcome to our modern transit solution, eStamps. The paperless, eco-friendly way of using any transit system. Simply open eStamps, select the city that you are currently in, choose from a variety of payment options, and show your proof of payment to the conductor when you are onboard. No fumbling around for transfer receipts or small change - easy, convenient and eco-friendly. With a staggering 91% of the adult population owning a cellphone, and many cities, including Peterborough, wanting to be more technology reliant, we believe that eStamps will not only be feasible but there will be a huge demand for this application. We plan on enabling bluetooth in our app so that all you require is a simple tap for the transit system to verify your proof of payment. With eStamps, millions of potential users will have a simple and efficient way of using the transit system, not only in Peterborough, but around the world.

Soon public transit systems will have the eStamps of approval


Bus Transfers uses too much paper

What it does

Provides an Alternative way of paying the transit system

How we built it

Coded with Android

Challenges we ran into

Android Pay does not work in Canada

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It Works!!!!

What we learned

That Android pay does not support Canada lol.

What's next for eStamps

Provide Bluetooth for an even more secure check, Test drive with a small city and then a large one later down the line

Built With

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