Inspiration: the idea came from a real case, one of famous Hotel has asked me to design a new creative and innovative website that helps the top management to motivate as well as prove the House system

What it does: it's ESSS – Employee Satisfaction Survey System >> it is data gathering tool as well as it analyzes the data and converts it into charts and give a full statistical analysis that supports the ability to judge the employee's satisfaction. and there are to accounts one as admin and another as an employee. in the next version, I'll add one for clients.

How I built it: actually I develop it from scratch using the database my SQL and use PHP.

Challenges I ran into: at the beginning the challenges were >> 1. there are many employees from different countries and languages. 2. I have tried to use the Google translation but unfortunately still naive, so I asked a native speaker for each language I used in my website 3. some functions, I don't know before especially the function that supports the chart.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: the main body of the website is done as well as almost of functions are done.

What I learned: I have learned a lot of good points: how to develop such statistical analysis and how to represent it into a graph

What's next for ESSS – Employee Satisfaction Survey System: I wanna add a new feature as well as additional enhancements such as more complicated analysis as well as add client account.

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