Emergency Services Search and Report

for the Agents of Change Hackathon, 11 & 12 August 2018 in NYC


I was in Super Storm Sandy in Connecticut was was without power for 9 days. During the disaster, we had a very hard time discovering what services were available and when and where.

The idea for this service is to use the power of crowdsourcing (think "Waze for Services, after a disaster"). It currently allows anyone (without a login) to search and report on services available.

Verified users (pre-registered, think Red Cross, National Guard, and business owners/managers) can leave "verified" status updates, at no cost.

I think the service could be used as a branding expense to get good press and more prospective customers. The majority of the expense would be the manual verification of "verified" users.

Things left to do:

  • iOS build - just need my Mac.
  • complete the backend debugging with Google FireBase (currently on a free Spark plan).
  • add in the real distance calculations (from street address). There are several free services for this but they may be rate limited.
  • add a map view (with Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps)
  • add the account request function (and screen) - something like Google Forms would work well.


The code is currently hosted on Firebase as a demo at: https://esrr-aoc.firebaseapp.com/#/home

And the APK is available on GitHub here: https://github.com/sandysearch/essr-aoc/releases/tag/0.0.1

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