When the government enforces lockdown, the majority of people start panic buying essential goods from groceries and pharmacies and the whole purpose of lockdowns which is social distancing for preventing Covid-19, is destroyed. Hence, we came up with an idea to develop a platform that will connect the consumers and shopkeepers ensuring that overcrowding does not take place.

What it does

The app helps the following categories: Consumers: Helps social distancing by letting the consumers know the occupancy of the shop in real-time thereby preventing over-crowding. It also helps them avoid spending more time in the shop by providing an option of pick-up orders where the shopkeeper can keep ready before they reach. Shopkeepers: Our app helps the shopkeepers manage the stocks by providing demand vs supply analytics. It also keeps over-crowding at bay, helps them manage the number of customers allowed in the shop at the same time. Government: It works as a data collection and analysis platform which can be helpful for the government in understanding the needs of the consumers and directing the essentials at specific locations in times of crisis.

How we built it

We built the web-app using Python, Django framework for the back-end, bootstrap, HTML-5, Javascript for the front-end, Firebase as our database, Google-places API for acquiring information about the groceries and pharmacies and tried to incorporate open-pose for counting people (still under progress).

Challenges we ran into

Due to the limited time we had for competing in the hackathon, it wasn't possible for us to fully integrate open-pose which we plan to use for counting people via an android app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The easy-to-use UI, the smart people-counting feature which is really beneficial at this time, team-work and collaboration in a limited time frame while ensuring social distancing ourselves.

What we learned

We learned the Django framework and tried to integrate open-pose with the app.

What's next for Essentials

Developing a fully working functional app with people counting feature incorporated with a functional cart system as soon as possible so that it could benefit people across the world at large. Collaborating with the shopkeepers and rolling out the app to the consumers to help them stay safe during the pandemic of Covid-19.

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