We aim to automate the process of translating handwritten text to an online text document. Whether it be a cooking recipe, an essay, or any other type of text, our application will completely automate the entire process. This application will help millions of students who have written a rough draft on paper and then need a typed final draft. This will convert all quick handwritten notes to everlasting digital copies.

What it does

For anyone who wants to scan their hand written work onto their computers or want a quick spell check, they can use this application. Microsoft Azure has Computer Vision APIs and Spell Check APIs which allow us to translate handwritten text to a string and also spell check the string. Google Drive API allows us to automatically push our text document onto your personal account.

How we built it

The front-end is an app which was created using React Native and Expo. You take the picture using the app and it instantly sends it to the Node.js server running in the back-end. The server takes the image and stores it locally in a folder. The image is then hosted to the web by making the localhost available using Serveo. The serveo link is given to Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision Recognize Text API which takes our image and returns a JSON stating what text it sees. That text is converted into a string and then uses the Google Drive API to upload it into a public Google Drive folder which can be accessed and edited. Checkout the expo link below to try out the app yourselves! (Have to install the expo interface first from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store)

Challenges we ran into

  • Uploading images to image hosting websites.
  • Recognizing bad handwriting.
  • JavaScript memory leakage.
  • Configuring the JSON file to how you want it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a application that uses your phone's built in camera to successfully analyze the text and translates it to an electronic text document on Google Drive.

What we learned

We learned how to use Microsoft Azure's Machine Learning/AI APIs as well as set up Node.js servers. We also learned how to add a license to the Github repository.

What's next for Essay Boi

With more time, we'd definitely integrate the Microsoft Azure Spell Check as well as translation services. Afterwards, we want to extend the functionality to Augmented Reality so people can directly see what spelling/grammar errors there are while they are writing in real-time.

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