ESRI REST Diagnostics

A list of JavaScript bookmarklets that can be used to test ArcGIS Server Map Services through the browser.


The bookmarklets provided add extra information to the ArcGIS Server REST endpoint pages, and allow you to interact with the service. Currently available features include:

  • Map Service Data Display
  • REST Service Search
  • Query Field Testing
  • Geometry Helper



Installation on the browser is as simple as adding a bookmark. From the bookmarklet.html page...

  • Chrome: drag the anchor link to your browser toolbar.
  • Firefox: right-click on the link and select "Bookmark this link".
  • IE: right-click on the link and select "Add to Favorites".
  • Safari: untested.
  • Opera: untested.

Basic Use

Each tool as its own basic use policy. They all involve navigating your web browser to the map service REST endpoint. From there, select the proper bookmark from the bookmark list.


  • Desktop browser (IE8+, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Security settings that support bookmarklets.
  • Access to ESRI JavaScript API library.
  • Access to an ArcGIS Server REST endpoint in browser.


ESRI JavaScript API


Anyone is welcome to contribute to this project.


This is currently licensed under the MIT Licensing (See License here).

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