After suffering the pain having to throw away food that would have been perfectly useful had we used it a bit earlier we were inspired to create Esquire Expire which would help to prevent this happening.

What it does

After signing up through our website with their first name and phone number and having their information stored in a database, a user will be able to text the Esquire Expire number with any food they have brought. The chatbot calculates when that food will expire using a database of food then stores the food the user purchased in a database associated with their ID along with the date it expires on. Every day Esquire Expire goes through this database of food the user has and checks if any of it is about to go out of date if so the bot sends a text to the user using their number stored in the user information database reminding them to use the piece of food along with recipes it can be used with.

How we built it

We used Twilio for all functionality with phone numbers. For the website, we used; HTML, CSS and Javascript and hosting it we used google cloud and a domain from For our databases we used Mongoose.

Challenges we ran into

Timestamps. Getting Twilio to work. Understanding Javascript. Figuring out to work out the expiry date.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team worked efficiently together, we all had tasks to work on at all times and were to able to effectively produce a product using our different skills. We were able to make a professional working product.

What we learned

We had to learn to create a website with HTML and Javascript which I found really interesting and fun to do. We learnt how to use Twilio. We gained some experience in using dates. We have learnt how to use node.js.

What's next for Esquire Expire

We would like to add in the feature to specify container types e.g bread store in a breadbox compared to the freezer has different expiration dates. More advanced recipe suggestions that could use multiple pieces of food that are about to expire e.g if an apple and some milk are about to expire then find a recipe that includes apples and milk. Add in a way to specify when items are opened, milk doesn't last very long once it has been opened.

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