Clicker games are the easiest to approach and most casual game one can play. All of us enjoy games like Cookie Clicker and wanted to somewhat recreate that experience. With this, we decided to take up the challenge of making a clicker game in just one week.

What it does

Esports Champion is a clicker game about an aspiring gamer who wants to join Team Liquid. To do this, he must become a skilled player, be an influencer, and win tournaments. These are the 3 aspects we focused on when developing the game. Skill points are earned by playing aim trainer games. The more targets you hit and the more accurate you are, the more points you gain. Influence points are earned by streaming on Twitch, which gives passive influence points, which you can speed up by clicking a button rapidly, uploading on YouTube, which gives you a bonus percentage of the influence points you have already, and tweeting on Twitter, which gives you a fixed amount of influence points. Twitch and YouTube also give you money, which you can use to participate in tournaments. Your win rate in tournaments is decided by how many skill points you have. This is the core gameplay loop that you repeat until you hit a certain threshold in influence points, skill points, and tournament wins, after which your dreams are finally fulfilled and you join Team Liquid.

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