To help Schools for collaborating and creating virtual rooms with speed and confidence

What it does

  • Create Teams with multi layer hierarchy and also Create/Modify teams/channels/members/owners in bulk.
  • Import external data from multiple data sources(MSSQL/PostGressSQLDB/MySQL/AccessDB/OracleDB) at one place
  • Make Cloning/Export/Import of teams for Same tenant and Multitenant
  • Check insights of Teams and users

How I built it

  • SPFx with React/TypeScript
  • GraphAPI
  • PnP
  • CSOM for Azure WebJobs and Azure WebServices
  • Azure for external hosting data services
  • SharePoint/Office 365 grouos/App Authentication using OAuth

Challenges I ran into

  • Different Tenant exporting data with Azure blob storage
  • GrapAPI exporting limit, so have to build external storage and call the service

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Different Tenant exporting data with Azure blob storage
  • Bulk Creation and Modification of Teams/Channels/Tabs/Apps/Members/Owners

What I learned

  • Integration of Teams with multiple services of Office 365
  • Leveraging GraphAPI to for working over teams and its related services
  • Integration of External data and exporting data from teams to external storages
  • Huge business opportunity in new hybrid school model.

What's next for Esmoti

  • Improve UX/UI as a teams App.
  • Includes other sector services (Apart from schools)
  • Improve Internal teams management services
  • Integration of more external services and Office 365

Demo Login for the "Try It out" links

User Name: Password: Demo@123

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