Inspiration There is a noticeable increase in traffic incidents on the island. The offenders are charged for the offence in most cases, however others are able to pass through the system without ever being charged. The gap identified, due to the absence of a procedure to identify someone who is without the official licensing identification or documentation. The 48 hour grace which previously existed; the old legislation for a driver to present valid insurance and license information, has been proven to be inadequate and presents many verification challenges. This deficiency and practice is estimated to cost the Government, over EC$2 million dollars in uncollected revenue from related traffic accidents and violations to date.

How it works

The mobile application, compatible with Android, IOS and Windows smartphones, to provide document verification and authenticity to assist the traffic department on driver verification, ticketing and case management. The data sources and information will come from the Traffic and Licensing,Department, Insurance Companies, Inland the NIC .

1) User Id scanning Licensing verification 2) Vehicle scanning and registration verification 3) Citation and ticketing issues 4) Automatic Email Alerts 5) Reporting and reconciliation 6) Printing

Challenges I ran into With less than 24 hours to get things working on a prototype was eventful without a lead programmer, however the team stuck it out and gave 100% bringing into the project our collective experiences from different backgrounds brought this concept to life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of The team was able to deliver eSlamm, a project that address a current problem. This project will certainly assist in the management of the issues faced by the traffic department in the area of licensing and ticket revenue collection.

What I learned With collaboration and commitment a plan or an idea can be brought to life. You don’t have to know everything about everything, sharing resources and experience is the key to many success.

What's next for eSLAMMS Additional development of the application, with the integration of insurance checks and vehicles inspection capabilities.

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