What it does

The automata moves up and down when we turn the crank. The pawn does absolutely nothing (you can stick it to metals because it has a magnet on the bottom). The light is a circular PCB with three LEDs in the middle (very bright LEDs) and it has a dome that can be placed on top to cast shadow/light on the ceiling (the dome has holes cut into it).

How we built it

Pain, sweat and tears.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, someone stole my very fancy dome that would have fitted perfectly to my PCB so we had to make some adjustments last minute. The new dome did not fit perfectly onto the PCB and did not account for the heights of some components so it can't get on the PCB perfectly. Additionally, one of the MOSFET drivers wasn't soldered with the correct orientation which caused a short between GND and another net however we were able to find this before turning it on since we did a continuity test. Then, we desoldered the driver and soldered it with the correct orientation (it turned out that we didn't solder it properly the first time so we re-soldered it for the third time, and it worked!).

We also ran into some issues when making our Automata project because we weren't able to get the walls to be press-fit.

Built With

  • altium
  • love
  • solidworks
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