Often people lose track of time while doing work, watching TV, or browsing the internet. It is very unhealthy to remain sedentary for long portions of the day, so the goal of our product is to get people to move a little bit more and make their lifestyle a bit healthier. The product we will be designing is something to help people be more active during the work/school day. It is a wearable device that records how long you have been sedentary. You wear the device on your hip (it’s a clip-on for you belt or the waist of your pants) and it measures your movement while you’re at your desk/ After 13 minutes of little/minimal movement, the device will buzz/vibrate, letting you know that you’ve been inactive for a while, and should probably get up for a stretch or a lap around the office. If you do not take the warning, at 15 minutes of being sedentary, the device will send an email to you and your friends, letting the world know that you’ve been very lazy! As far as implementing the technology, we will use an arduino board and accelerometer, and play around a lot with network configurations to get the GETUP (that’s what we’re calling it) to do what we want. Our idea for what qualifies as lazy or not: much like the pedometer, we will be awarding ‘steps’ - or points, in this case - every time the acceleration surpasses a certain threshold. If the user gets a certain number of points in the 10 minutes, they are not deemed lazy, and thus spared the social humiliation. The 10 minute timer resets once that point is reached. If the user does not get enough points in the time limit, and does not take the buzzer’s warning, emails will be sent to all of his/her friends, and the timer will start again. We are going enclose all of the tech stuff in a box/casing made by the 3D printer, as to appeal to the aesthetic. We are trying to keep the device as small as we can manage, so we will be using the smallest arduino available to us, and trying to keep size in consideration. There are further areas we can go with the connection to email. Possibilities include emailing an embarrassing photo of the user (maybe even as a meme), and keeping a log so the user can look back and track their habits.

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