Inspiration In a play of words it’s born the will to create a tool that, at first educates users of that new mobility called micromobility, but also connects people with the city, stimulate the good behavior and citizenship, creates business possibilities between public and private sectors. And all of that in a dynamic and funny way. In the name of social good, we all felt impacted with the recent fatalities of electric scooter users around all the planet.

What it does

With that 360 degrees vision, the tool decision was very natural. We need to open the eyes of the society, interpret several viewpoints and extrapolate our limited field of vision. With React 360, each decision will generate a new reaction.

How we built it

To develop our solution we used Facebook’s React 360 alongside a Samsung 360 camera to create the virtual environment.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges: 1 - Understand React 360’s scope and technological resources, some douts weren’t found directly in the documentation. 2 - Understand the working of 360 cameras, create the recordings, do the edition and import to the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

We are really proud of the challenge learning how to deal with 360 videos and coding with React.

What's next for Escooteros

New steps: 1 - Extend the quantity of endings the game has. 2 - Apply more interaction options the user can have with the environment. 3 - UX writing for a better immersive experience for those using VR. 4 - Enable login with Facebook user account. 5 - Earning/losing points after good/bad choises. 6 - Global ranking so the users can connect with each other. 7 - A special gift for the players who make it to the end.

Built With

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posted an update

Update Escooteros

  • Bug corrections on the new stage choices
  • Service Work for better image loading
  • Now we have 4 panels that can be updated with user's informations
  • We added Facebook's SDK for the login system
  • Also, a point system driven by the player's choices and connected with his or her user account
  • We developed a sound system, with ambient sounds and musics
  • We created a config screen that allows users to change sound settings without the need to log in with user's account
  • We created a simple privacy policy screen to use the Facebook Login's API. As suggested by the activation site
  • We also developed a global ranking showing the top 5 best players around the world
  • We added new timelines and shot new 360 videos in other locations where the players can choose to visit

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