Escape The Date!

Check out the github for images of Escape The Date in action!

A submission for Disrupt NYC 2017 by @kr3110, @robertkng, @icancode007, @vorpus.

MongoDB + ExpressJS + Node.js + React + Nexmo A dead-man's switch for first dates.


Online dating has attracted myriad interesting individuals, and sometimes we need a polite way to end the date ahead of schedule.

What it does

Escape The Date! checks in with you every once in a while through SMS or voice call to make sure everything's going great. If we don't get a response after a while, Escape The Date will get in touch with your SOS contact so your friend can check up on you.


  • Mapping multiple dates for the same user

  • Logic for a countdown before the dead-man's switch activates


  • Full stack project completion


  • Good understanding of Nexmo API


  • Integration with dating apps

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