Last days disaster made us to think about how can we help people. Hurricane Irma - Traffic Jams Hurricane Irma - Traffic Nightmare When people evacuate they usually don't think about how much cars would be on the road. But if we reduce number of cars by 15% we can avoid congestions and save lives.

What it does

EscapeCarPool helps people to efficiently communicate and coordinate car pooling during emergency evacuations to reduce number of cars, boost roads throughput and save more lives.

How we built it

We used Swing as a main programming language and Esri as a maps provider and Hyphenate for video chat.

Challenges we ran into

Everything went smooth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working prototype.

What we learned

How to create animation in Adobe After Effects, connect video chat and maps for iOS app.

What's next for EscapeCarPool

We're going to add Car Sharing feature, improve UX/UI and we hope that our app will be used by lots of people. Stay tuned with

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