Our team set out to create an educational experience for everyone stuck at home, as COVID-19 has disrupted many of the traditional learning opportunities. When we look around for inspiration, we saw our family history. Our families’ stories are some of the many Vietnamese refugee stories after the Vietnam war. We want to honor our families and other refugees through this simulation.

The refugee experience is one of danger, hunger, and tough decisions. We wanted to get these experience across through the mechanics. There are many randomized events and limited resources. The luck involve and harshness of these events are meant for the player to experience the difficulties faced by refugees.

We used Twine to abstracted out much of the HTML. Each person handled coding different part of the scenario, as coding random events, inventory, and end states are difficult. Stylesheet was particularly challenging, as using style sheets with Twine needed additional code that we were not familiar with.

We are very proud at the end result. The simulation creates a lot of tension in each phase of escape, such as preparation, buying passage, and the boat passage. There is not enough gold to do everything, and you must take risks to survive. We feel this reflect the hardships shared by our parents, relatives, and other refugee stories.

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