We really liked the idea of working with an AI-powered virtual assistant, and after attempting one project and realizing how complicated it would be, we decided to stick to a fun game that would still show off the smart capabilities of Google Assistant.

What it does

You are guided through an escape room-style game by Google Assistant on a Google Home Mini. You are given voice prompts and must respond to solve puzzles and find codes to eventually escape the room.

How we built it

We built the web of response blocks and audio cues in Voiceflow and linked it to Dialogflow, the intent creator connected to Google Actions. We then used the Google Actions console to develop and deploy the Google Assistant compatible app.

Challenges we ran into

The Google Cloud API libraries are much more difficult to incorporate into an intent creator than we expected, especially for someone who hasn't used them before and who has a time constraint. It was also difficult to find any easier-to-use OCR APIs that were free-to-use and had a call limit of more than 10 calls/day. After scrapping our original idea, we moved on to the escape room plan. Our biggest challenges were coming up with puzzles that are both fun and able to be solved using voice controls, and coming up with a story to link all of the puzzles together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mainly, just completing our first hackathon with a finished project. We are also very proud of our new knowledge of APIs (even though we didn't end up using them)

What we learned

How to create a custom Google Assistant action and some basics of APIs.

What's next for Escape the Room

Maybe more sound clips, smoother transitions, and maybe a sequel?

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