The Backrooms are an recent emerging trend on social media which have eerie undertones are are perfect for this type of choose-your-adventure gameplay.

What it does

link to video -> This is an SMS bot which has prompts and responses based on choices you make through the exchange.

How we built it

Using and learning Twilio, we were able to utilize their variety of features, especially studio flow to create the story we wanted.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first hackathon for all of our teammates (and also the first time we all met each other) so it was difficult in the beginning to figure out what project we wanted to do or what platforms we wanted to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First and foremost, we are definitely proud to have a product to produce at the end of this hackathon. Before yesterday, we did not know what Twilio was, but we overcame that obstacle and produced a result to be very proud of. And of course, we can now officially say we've completed HackHERS 2022!

What we learned

We did learn how to use Twilio through their many tutorials as well as through trial and error. We also met each other, and it has been wonderful working together on a team where we previously did not know one another.

What's next for Escape the Backrooms

The next step would be to create a storyline that not only resembles the Backrooms, but can be used as a reference when referring to the concept. By expanding the storyline and making it more accessible to people, this can be possible.

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