we were inspired by the escape rooms from the walking dead by Telltale Games

What it does

you are put into a situation in which you are kidnapped and you must correctly answer various questions and riddles to help you escape the house. once you get 2 questions wrong, you are murdered by the kidnapper.

How we built it

we built this through javascript and created different buttons that lead you to different rooms using a background changing function.

Challenges we ran into

the main challenge that we ran into was that being slightly inexperienced programmers, we didn't know how to put in a looping audio track or how to create a countdown 'hourglass'.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud that we actually got a finished product to present to the judges after the 24 hours because most of us were inexperienced programmers with no prior knowledge of how to code.

What we learned

we learned a lot about how to code audio and utilize if/else statements in javascript.

What's next for Escape Room Game

if we have time to collaborate in the future, we can look into making a moving character in the game and maybe transferring this idea into an app.

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