We're big fans of games that include naming party members after friends, having horrible things happen to them, and having them do horrible things. This is like that.

What it does

Its a text based Game, that attempted to have a non-linear story line

How I built it

with python, utilizing XML for save data storage

Challenges I ran into

saving and loading data actually implementing completely no linear story line required more time then we had available, mainly because more events needed to be generated to decrease linearity

Accomplishments that we are proud of

the way we implemented the attempt at a non-linear story line It can save and load data with XML

What I learned

python XML reading and writing, partners Dom and Sean took this opportunity to experiment in Python for the first time

What's next for Escape: NJ is that we're actually going to complete it.

run by running the main.py file!

if it immediately stops working with a xml.parser error replace the entire last line of the save data with <\root>

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