We all like escape room and we want to create a fancy experience for the user, which people cannot experience in real escape room.

What it does

With Escape from Wonderland, we wanted to bring childhood fantasies to life for people of all ages to enjoy. Our inspiration came from the popular concept of escape rooms and the exhilarating imagination of Alice in Wonderland.

In our escape room, we allow you to experience all the problem solving of an escape room combined with the impossibility of fantasy stories.

Fostering creativity, virtual reality helps visualize intangible ideas into shared. Escape from Wonderland is an experience that makes fantasy a reality.

How I built it

We built it with HTC Vive and Unity. We used Unity to design the escape room and wrote C# script to implement the functionality.

Challenges I ran into

We are all first time to develop some VR project and it takes some time to learn Unity and C#. There were lots of challenges to get things work as we expect. But fortunately, we got a lot of help from the mentors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are able to actually build the escape room. We thought it would be hard to implement functionalities like shrinking and growing. But finally we completed most of the functionalities and the user can actually play the whole game. And the experience is actually really amazing!

What I learned

We learned a lot about building VR projects, using Unity and writing C# scripts. It was just a 24-hour hackathon and we are really proud of what we have accomplished. We also learned a lot about working in a team. There are 4 girls in our team. We divided our tasks well and had good communications, which helped the development a lot. Another important thing that we learned is that girls can also accomplish something really fantastic. This experience definitely help increase our confidence as a female programmer.

What's next for Escape from Wonderland

We also want to add more fantastic puzzles and also better user experience. We want to make the game look much prettier.

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