A virtual travel buddy application for forming connections & curing loneliness by virtual exploration.

What is the Problem? Inability to travel, socialize are causing anxiety,frustration & loniliness. People are desperate to make connections. Lockdown, confinement causes lack of connection with nature and diversity. People don’t have a change of scenario working at home, not able to travel or in some cases even leave the house.

Why this problem matters? We have personally experienced the disappointment of cancelled travel plans & the feeling of being caged within our homes. We need an escape other than mindless content consumption. We also miss our friends,meeting new people & experiencing new things. 3 billion people are restricted in mobility and with extended quarantine measures, problems such as anxiety , depression are of paramount concern.The whole hospitality & travel Industry is facing a challenge.We need to adopt to the new Normal.

Who is the target? We are initially targeting young, tech savvy digital nomads as early adopters for the pilot phase. Most socially active and high frequency travellers who are suffering in this quarantined environment. We will later expand to other target groups.

Whats the solution? A online platform that matches people who want to travel/explore/connect with others & allows them to experience the city virtually & locally. Virtual travel buddy experiences spread positivity, encouragement and hope. Enhancing travel experiences by starting from home virtually. Creating connections/solidarity with like-minded people.

What do we want to build during the hackathon? A prototype of the Video platform & application. Concept Validation and traction.

What we need to make it happen? Mentors, Digital marketing experts, Full stack developers, UI/UX design, Front end developers, Goodwill & support :)

Team We are a diverse team of individuals located across 3 continents (The Netherlands, Spain, Sri Lanka, India, The United States of America, Israel) with experience in digital communication, consulting,entrepreneurship, hackathons, startups, civil society engagement etc.

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