Escape Artist is a game created by Leehe Mahalal and Stephanie Pena for Knight Hacks 2020. It is a sidescroller with a fun twist, where you play as an artist who has the key to escape into a different world. This game was designed mainly for the best design hack, as we were aiming to create a game with unique gameplay.


We were inspired by the artist and game developer Angela He (@zephybite).

What it does

Our game allows the player, an artist, to use his painted world as an escape into reality.

How I built it

Unity, C#, Yarnspinner, Photoshop

Challenges I ran into

Stephanie ran into a lot of roadblocks when designing the main game mechanic. She wanted the mechanic to be such that the played would be able to "draw" on the canvas by clicking and dragging the mouse on the screen, which would slowly reveal the painting as if the player was painting it themselves. However, towards the end of Saturday, she didn't have a working version yet. At this point, we were able to re-evaluate goals and come up with a new fun mechanic/premise for the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud that we were able to put together our game in a timely manner after experiencing so many roadblocks!

What I learned

Leehe learned so much more about creating game assets and sprite animations. Using resources online, she learned how to rig and animate a sprite with Unity. After learning how to animate a sprite, she began to create her own sprite and PSB file for a new stylized sprite. She also worked with Yarnspinner in order to transfer variables between dialogue to the scene.

Built With

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