We're solving our own problems, one hackathon at a time! We've missed a WHOLE lot of events, assignments etc. because they weren't scheduled into our calenders. What it we had an effortless way to do that?

What it does

Enter a website with an event schedule and it puts all of it in your calender!

How we built it

How many events have you missed because it wasn't on your calendar?

7/10 people feel that they are more likely to attend an event if they are reminded of it through their calendar.

That's where MASH Scheduler comes in! It scrapes your schedules (exam schedules, event schedules etc) and automatically adds them to your preferred calendar.

Even better, simply take a picture of the schedule and upload to MASH Scheduler. Our OCR will handle the rest!

Built with UI path, google G suite, bootstrap, and GCP hosting and a lot of love!

Built With

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