This project was inspired by the longstanding idea of a voice whispering into the wearer's ear, allowing them to appear to be knowledgeable in any situation.

Erudite (dev name: Smartypants) listens to a conversation through both the wearer of glass and those around him or her if they are speaking loudly enough, and constantly transcribes speech in real-time. Everything that isn't a noun is filtered out, and then all common nouns are removed. What are left are interesting, complex words, words that if selected, give the user the first paragraph summary of the Wikipedia page on the topic. The summary can either be displayed or read to the user with TTS. No phone is necessary, the app is run entirely on Glass.

Our target user is anyone who wants to be able to contribute intelligently wherever a conversation goes. This is a bit of a sci-fi dream project, so having the opportunity to make this happen for real was a lot of fun. It's highly bandwidth-dependent, so it doesn't work well everywhere on campus, but when it does, it's pretty darn magical.

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