I learnt networking recently and i got very excited by learning different techniques of error correction and error detection. Me and teammate tried to made quantum checksum model which can detects whether the incoming signal has some error or not. We made a addition circuit for 2 Qubits segment and defined a function which acts as an 1's complement operator and again defined a addition function. We are very new to Qiskit coding and dint know much about Qiskit and neither of quantum computing so choosing the topic was most difficult part for us. Before running into our current topic we were trying to create a specific case in Deutsch-Algorithm . We dint succeed in doing that but we got very thrilled by understanding the working of different Quantum Algorithms. We learnt quantum algorithms , basic quantum computing and learnt the basics of Qiskit. We believe our model and more such classical error detection can be used for building a method which works on quantum gates and can be very useful in detecting error and will correct the error as well.

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