We wanted to see if there was a way to still have some fun times while we are all stuck at home. So we googled, "how do I prank my friends". Not only did everything look sketchy as heck, but I’m pretty sure if I put my phone number in those sites they’re just going to send me actual spam information. So we needed a solution, thus we came up with PrankMe. Never before has there been a site so customizable in the type of fake text or call that you can make with such simple controls.

What it does

PrankMe is a fully customizable, one-stop-shop for all pranking needs. We have automated text messages, fake phone calls, memes, and more! xx

How I built it

For our tech stack, we utilized React and Tailwindcss to build the website. We’re currently hosting assets like our mp3 files on AWS’ s3 buckets, and we are hosting the site itself through Heroku. Our custom built API, which is also hosted on Heroku, was made utilizing Python and Flask, and it integrated with the Twilio API in order to send texts and calls.

Challenges I ran into

Using phone calls in Twilio and remembering old conversations was a learning curve for us. We had some issues with our technology stack as it was new for some of us. xx

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yep. This site is fully functional, and LIVE at right now. Check it out and try it for yourself! We promise it’s worth it.

What I learned

In terms of functionality, we currently have these types of texts that you can do. You can send a custom message. You can send cat facts. You can send a random image of Michael Cera. You can send a random fact. Or you can send the 'effective power' string that (used to) . If you aren’t sure what these texts will look like, check out the examples tab! Here is a video demo of the cat fact text message being sent to my phone number. Pretty cool, huh?

For prank calls, these are the types of prank calls you can make right now. From the John Cena sound, to the Katy Perry meme, each one of these are memorable soundbytes from the internet.

What's next for PrankMe

First, we would like to expand our selection of text pranks and prank calls. We have the code ready, now it’s all about obtaining the assets and adding them to the site. We would also like to increase user customization. And finally, we would like to add ads. Sorry but someone’s going to have to pay these message data rates. And it sure as heck isn’t going to be my momma. But don’t worry, they won’t be invasive like some companies. They’ll just be off to the side and allow you to continue using our services as necessary!

So check out before it’s too late, and together, we can help shed a little happiness on the world.

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