We were mainly inspired to make this project by the growing number of people who work long office hours sitting in front of a computer screen. These long hours sitting hours can result in back pains and even injury in the long so we figured that we can help people by making them aware of their posture while at their desk.

What it does

Our intelligent vest is constantly monitoring the positioning of the back through multiple sensors around the back and neck area, these sensors allow to detect when someone moves out of the "safe & ergonomic" posture. When it is the case, the vest sends a light a vibration to the user as a notification.

How we built it

We used multiple accelerometers located on the back and lower neck that constantly transmit positioning data through an Arduino 101 board. This data is then processed through a simple python script that sends a vibration ping to the Myo armband on the wrist of the user when the latter is not sitting ergonomically.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges were found while trying to integrate this concept using a Dragonboard 410c instead of an Arduino and also sending data on the relative angle of each sensor on top of the position. In addition, we were surprised to find that timing the serial data from the Arduino to the python script was much harder than we initially thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite it being the first hackathon (For most of us atleast), we were each able to learn things that were previously unknown to us. We were especially proud of being able to complete the project within the allocated time.

What we learned

This event was an opportunity to rapidly implement our idea. We learned about the powerful Dragonboard 410c board, integrating Arduino serial data with python and using the Myo armband in a new way.

What's next for ErgoVest

We believe that ErgoVest could be pushed forward in terms of development by using more sensors and detecting different ergonomic postures. ErgoVest could be then a product that could bring health benefit to users.

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