As a rower, I've found that my performance on the erg greatly fluctuates with the music being played. Whenever I'm in sync with the tempo at a given stroke rating, my erg scores are fantastic; out of sync, not so much. Striving to consistently perform my best during erg practices, I figured that developing a program that plays stroke-rate specific music would not only enable me to score better, but make workouts more fun. We built ergDJ to do this; based on the specific stroke rating for a workout, the athlete is able to play specially formulated playlists with songs at a tempo to match the pace of their workout.

Winter training is often a psychologically challenging time; we're operating much more on an individual-basis, we're not able to get out on the water, and it's us vs. the erg. We often dread practices; having music as a tool to face this often-perceived challenge is critical to not only get faster and stronger in the winter, but better ourselves as rowers.

Our hope is that ergDJ not acts as a training tool, but helps make the time spent on the erg more bearable.

What it does

How I built it

I used CSS and HTML to build the front end of this webapp with some help from bootstrap. Akshat, worked with Spotify API and angular.js to link the API to the website.

Challenges I ran into

Neither of us knew JavaScript and I didn't know CSS or HTML. We weren't able to get GitHub to integrate our work, so we had to merge our code manually which was cumbersome.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally did my first hackathon! I also learned two languages! And I learned a lot more about entrepreneurship! Akshat is really proud that he learned javascript and angularjs!

What I learned

I learned CSS and HTML to do the front end work of this project! I also learned a bit about Machine Learning.

What's next for ergDJ

Instead of just having a single stroke rating per workout, being able to shift between playlists/stroke ratings on timed intervals and distances.

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