A lot of fresh programmers do not know how to find correct solutions of the errors in the code. We, ourselves, face this issue often even after 4 years of programming experience. For example, we face error like "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'replace'" and we don't know why such error occurs so we start searching on google for correct solution but many times, beginners can't find the exact solution in short time. Keeping this in my mind, we wrote a python script to automatically find solutions for syntax errors.

What it does

EResolver handles the syntax errors of python and helps to find the correct solution for it by scrapping the solutions given in stackoverflow.

How we built it

Using 'requests' and 'beauitfulsoup' modules of python, we scrapped the answers from stackoverflow. We also used google custom search api for getting search results of the error. After receiving the relevant error solutions, we show the most accurate solutions (on basis of up votes) on our webpage.

Challenges we ran into

Google custom search api asks for credit card after some time of usage. The coding part was a bit simple so we didn't have any difficulty in coding this script.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This script will be helpful to new programmers and that's proud moment for us because we are giving something to our developers community. And of course, I have added one more fun project in my Github repositories.

What we learned

We learned about Google Custom Search API, StackExchange API, Hosting Python Server and web scrapping. We also figured out that StackExchange API for searching answers for our queries is not that much helpful because the query must be almost matching the question title or description. But Google Custom Search API was pretty efficient and we build wrapper around it to achieve similar feature as StackExchange API.

What's next for EResolver

Converting this into proper python module and making this available for other programming languages too.

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