Hospital ER wait times in Quebec have always been a pain for patients. The majority of issues are generally caused by the oversaturation of hospitals in terms of patients they can process, and lack of employees mostly due to the lack of funding present in these same hospitals.

We've endeavoured to if not solve, at least alleviate, some of the load on healthcare employees. Thus came the idea of ERequest, our web app. The basic concept is that patients in need of a visit to the ER can begin being processed even before arriving at a hospital. By assessing essential vital symptoms in these patients and categorizing injuries, our app can execute a preliminary triage phase prior to showing up at the hospital.

We mostly used JavaScript to run the actual server behind all of this data processing. HTML is what made up the interface with a sprinkle of CSS to beautify our newly created monstrosity.

Most of the frustration came along with the different APIs we were trying to implement. APIs require a panoply of exchanges between applications in order to accomplish the wanted result. The whole process of developping a working app can become quite frustating at times, especially when most of us were new to Web API use. All in all, we've excelled a lot in only 24 hours of endless debugging.

We are happy to have been able to put together a working prototype in just 24 hours. Granted the goal has not been yet achieved, significant progress has been made and this project was overall a great learning experience for the four of us.

Throughout the making of the project, we've learned that projects like these take a long time to develop, especially if done the right way. All kinds of problems can arise during development and one must be prepared to face difficult challenges on the way to completion.

A very simple TODO list has been provided on the GitLab repository of the project describing the future of this app.

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