My inspiration (vision) is to save trees by reducing the amount of printing receipt in shops/stores, with the use of send-anywhere API, I would like to build the concept of “no-receipt anywhere”, by introducing to you this “eReceipt anywhere”, with aiming capabilities of “fast, secure, and cost-effective”. Term Fast: nowadays, mobile-phone is anywhere with human, this serve the convenient for humans to store the receipt in mobile-phone and reduce the probability of losing the receipt after they stored it. Term Secure: with the beneficial from Send-Anywhere API feature, through the optimal relay path which is a P2P approach that send data or files in real-time, meaning that every digital transfer to the recipient is in time-based configuration, a given of “grace period” to allow for authorized receiving restrict the knowledge of hackers know when the time of the files are uploaded. With further enforcing the security, the 6-digit key approach is used in order for recipient to receive the file. Term Cost-Effective: for operating businesses can use this method for their shops/stores to deliver the receipt in electronics form and thus lead to greater saving in operation cost and most importantly, save trees.

How it works

Send-Anywhere is absolutely a brilliant idea, why? Because of its direct pipes to another device safely (on 1-to-1 basis and time-limiting download), this is ideal for confidential transaction with people especially strangers like every customer who shop in a retail store. So, for my idea of this API is to use it for receipt transfer for every purchase a customer made.

Supportive reasons to replace receipt with eReceipt Anywhere

Receipt kills trees and hurt the environment

50% of forests have been cleared and 50% of that is for paper. 9 million trees a year, just for paper. It takes approximately 15 trees to produce a single ton of paper. Receipt paper demands in the US are 640,000 tons per year. This equates to 9,600,000 millions trees cut down each year just to produce paper receipts.

It takes approximately 390 gallons of oil to produce a single ton of paper. At 640,000 tons of thermal receipt paper demanded per year, that's 249,600,000 gallons of oil used during production. That much oil could produce 115,885,714 gallons of gas that could fill 7,023,376 gas tanks (assuming an average tank size of 16.5 gallons).

The amount of CO2 emitted by producing one ton of receipt paper is equivalent to the amount of exhaust a car emits while driving for an entire year. That's 640,000 cars driving 24/7 for an entire year.

It takes approximately 19,075 gallons of H2O to produce a single ton of paper. This equates to 1,220,800,000 gallons of H2O used during the production process of receipt paper. That's a lot of showers and swimming pools without water

Approximately 2,278 lbs of trash is produced while producing a single ton of receipt paper. This means 1,457,920,000 lbs of trash are being fed into our landfill. This produces enough CO2 emissions to significantly damage the earth's ozone layer, leading to global warming.

Source: Please Kill the Paper Receipt

Receipt (thermal paper) is not recommended for recycle

From the findings of Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC), the thermal paaper receipts are recommended to be disposed rather than recycle it to reduce environmental release of BPA.

Source: Thermal Paper & BPA – Trash or Recycle?

Receipt (thermal paper) is harmful to human

Thermal paper are coated with a layer of phenols called Bispherol A (BPA). BPA has been proven to cause reproductive defects in fetuses, infants, children, and adults as well as cancer, metabolic, and immune problems in rodents. BPA levels from receipts much higher than exposures from food packaging or plastic.


  1. Don't Touch That Cash Register Receipt—It's Toxic

  2. Bisphenol A (BPA)

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posted an update

Dear friends of Devpost, I hope to get more votes for my project called "eReceipt Anywhere", which I submitted in "The Blue Airplane Hack" (Hackathon).

The vision of this project is to save trees and reduce the amount of printing of receipt that use widely in stores/ shops around the globe. According to research, receipt contains BPA that could bring harmful to human and due to its chemical coated cause it not suitable for recycle.

Also, I hope this project could bring some positive impact and awareness to everyone about the bad effects of using thermal paper (receipt). Thank you.

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